Kiss kiss kiss!

One of the most important lesson beauty and makeup imparted to us is to MOISTURIZE. This rule does not apply only for the face, it also applies to your hair, and yes, your lips. Wonder why all of a sudden you tastes blood on your lips? that’s because it’s so chapped it couldn’t help but break out. And the culprit? You – not taking good care of your lips.

We all have different take on moisturizing our lips, let me share with you mine.

I used to have really chapped lips. this was way back when I am not yet interested on beautifying or should i say taking care of myself. Petroleum jelly did wonders on my lips. I always put on petroleum jelly at night before i sleep. It is not new to the world of beauty the wonders that PJ give. I know some would wonder if it is safe, so I did a little research to back this up and this was I ran into:

According to the “…petrolatum in its purist form is quite safe. But due to poor industry regulations, the concern arises from the refining and manufacturing process where the finished product is not pure. Petrolatum that is not pure is prone to contaminants of all kind but the most worrying of all found in petrolatum is PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) which has been identified tohave cancer-causing effects linked to tumors.” (

So make sure to get your petroleum jelly from trusted brands. I used Appolo‘s Petroleum jelly the longest but switched to farlin recently because of its nice smell.

Who doesn’t love skittles? Someone gave this to me a couple of months back and i couldn’t thank her enough. Skittles is a favorite and I was glad to use it to moisturize my lips. It smells so good, It makes me crave for more skittles.  Of course it moisturizes my lips. I used this even when I’m at home.

This one was also given to me and I use it whenever I go out with minimal makeup. I loved  the packaging so much, for a minute I thought the lip balm is going to be in that size but it’s actually just the packaging. Red dahlia is the perfect shade for me because I love anything red on my lips. The shade makes my lips look healthier and more beautiful than my bare lips. A HINT OF COLOR is the best way to describe its sheer effect on your lips so do not expect to get the red color in the tube. The texture is so incredible and so creamy I cant help but rubbed my lips over and over. It also smells good. (Yes I am a sucker for nice smelling products) And it’s made with natural ingredients so it’s good for you.

Comparison from my bare lips and using the skittles and the burt’s bees products.

I definitely love both the Burt’s bees and skittles because my usage is dependent on a lot of factors. The most important thing is they both moisturize my lips, I have a big love for matte lipsticks and its very drying on the lips, good thing I have the perfect soldier to fight dry lips.

 I also use toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. Brushing your lips gently helps remove dead skin leaving your lips soft and smooth.

So there you have it! my first entry for this blog. I hope you enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed writing this entry.

Have a great night!


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