I love this particular shot of the Herman Miller Showroom In Citibank Center, Makati some time January 2012. I worked for CWC for almost two years and I really admire this photo of the showroom. Usually the showroom is crowded with mock-ups of different systems and chairs. I love the lighting, the wreath, and most of all the panton chairs. 🙂

Working for CWC awakened my love for interior design. Not a  lot of people know that I once dreamt to become an interior designer myself. I forgot all about it, I thought that nobody but myself knew. Recently I was talking to my friend regarding my taking short courses for make-up artistry, then she asked me why not take an interior design class? The reason for not taking up interior design before was because it would require a lot of money which we do not have at that time.

If i can put it this way, I fell out of love of it. I was happy with my course Marketing Management but there was always something missing.

I now have this dilemma in my mind should I take, make-up classes or save up for an interior design short course. Honestly, I don’t know. No matter how hard i try not to think about it, at the end of the day, just like now, I am thinking about it.

I even get frustrated because even if I’ve decided which one to take, the means to take it would be the problem. Just like before, I do not have the money to support my love for it. I have no idea whether this dream would become a reality.

At times I regret not following what my heart desires, not fighting for what I really love. Maybe, we really are not meant for each other, Interior design and I. But I will still continue to inspire myself, relive my feelings for this particular love.  Maybe, these things that I want now will soon be given to me. Not just now, Maybe In His time.


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