Heima revisited.

I have been into Heima for more than a year now. I fancy all their statement pieces that can make any corner of your house POP 🙂 It’s been a while since I last visited their website and while writing this entry I am online window shopping if you can put it that way. Here are some of my new favorites:

This baby is called the Laurie’s Desk. A vanity desk but for me it could also pass as a working desk or a study desk if you want fun colors playing in the room 🙂

This is called the Peggy Desk. My perfect working table! I love that it has a lot of drawers that can store all my papers and abubots.  I also love the colors! I would definitely pair it with an Eames Molded plastic chair from Herman miller that I blogged about here.

The price is so affordable you just got to have one!

Don’t you just love how dainty it looks?  This is called the Cath Love Seat, Designed to accommodate two people.

The name came from the Cath Kidston seat cushion.

Molly Settee is the name of this piece it is said in the description in  heima’s website that it is a two-seater love seat.

Although my brain tells me that a loveseat is somewhat different from a settee because the latter can accommodate two or more people while the former is strictly for two people. Isn’t it redundant to say two-seater loveseat?  Well, I am no expert and this is just my opinion so don’t get me wrong 🙂

The first thing that came to my mind when i saw this piece are bags, but this is actually a Coat Rack. We don’t normally wear coats here because of the weather so most probably I would use this to hang all my bags. 🙂

The last piece that caught my eye is the Pagoda Chest of Drawers. 

I am a fan of storage boxes and organization, this sophisticated looking drawers is a perfect Christmas gift for myself.

You can find a lot of extraordinaire and affordable pieces from Heima’s website, visit them at http://www.heimastore.com


If you are a student on the look-out for an internship, you might want to check this out!

Do What You Love /  We’re looking for Interns! :)

I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun!

Disclaimer: All photos are property of http://www.heimastore.com


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