Review: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

I am so obsessed with perfecting my brows because my sister always tease me that I am not good in grooming and shading my brows. Eyebrows frame the face and it gives attention to the eyes. I bought a lot of products that can help me practice grooming my brows, one of which is the famed e.l.f. eyebrow kit.

I got mine from Sm North Edsa, Department store for 249.75

It has 4 shades to choose from, 1. Light 2. Medium 3. Dark 4. Ash I got the medium one.

The kit is consist of a gel and a powder where in you can use the gel to outline the shape of your brows and the powder to fill in your brows. It also comes with a brush and a small mirror for brow-grooming on the go

Blend your brows to perfection! since I am still in the road to a perfect brows I can honestly say that I did good, just good. See for yourself.

What I love about it?

  1. Very sleek you can bring it anywhere with you.
  2. Very classy case.
  3. Affordable 🙂
  4. easy to blend.
  5. Staying power is great!
  6. The mirror is a big plus and very useful.

What I hate about it?

  1. The brush that comes with it is very flimsy.

Will I buy again? Definitely!

I’ll keep you posted on my journey to a perfect brows 🙂


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