Start Of Something New

30-day makeup challenge, challenge 1&2: When did you start putting on makeup? How did you learn to put on makeup?

I was never a girl-y girl way waaaay back. One guy even asked me if I am tomboy when I was still young. I answered Heck NO!

So being enthusiastic about makeup started when I was starting to read teen magazines and all. I remember coming to school during my second year (highschool) with a mascara on eyelashes in just one eye. I thought nobody would notice but a friend from my glee club pointed it out! He screams, Nakamascara ka baaaa?? (are you wearing a mascara?) And well, I denied it.

What really inspired me to learn how to put my makeup was when I had my makeup done in a salon for my first JS Prom. I looked like a monster. My face was suuupeer white!!! it was so embarrassing, I could not believe my family did not even mind commenting that I looked like I was going to a halloween party rather than a prom. You’re supposed to feel and look beautiful on that night.  I practiced putting on makeup just so the following prom I’d do it on my own. It was still amateur-looking but at least  it was decent.

When I entered college I was experimenting on how to put makeup that I could wear to school hence, the no-makeup-look. I would read a lot of beauty magazines and analyze the different looks on models. I eventually learned by practicing whenever I have free time. I got so hooked up with other things that I did not further explore the makeup wonderland at that time.

Now, I am going back. Practicing makeup application to myself. Who knows, maybe in the next few months (or years?) I’d be able to practice makeup on another man/woman’s face.

My Default makeup look for school.

White eyeliners were a fad during my college years. I basically just used liquid foundation, bronzer, white eyeliner and lip balm.

It was so much fun looking for photos from 5-6 years ago. 🙂


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