What is your favorite makeup brand?

First let us define favorite

Adj.: Preferred before all others of the same kind (google)

To be honest, I don’t have any favorites. I use different brands, I don’t allocate too much money on makeup that’s why mostly I have the affordable ones like: e.l.f., ever bilena, Avon, pinkie swear, NYX, shawill,  and makeups from daiso/saizen to name a few.

The more expensive, the better the quality.

The statement isn’t always true. There are some expensive makeup brands that doesn’t deliver good results on you and there are also affordable ones that has at par quality as of the expensive ones and works on you. Results are very subjective and dependent to the user, we also need to consider  a number of factors that may affect the results of different makeup. Some brands are expensive because of the BRAND itself, the name that they established in the industry reflects the status of the brand and all product lines should be placed and priced as to how they stand in the industry. There are also the affordable brands that positions themselves as affordable ones but gives good quality results.

If you are enthusiastic to find affordable cosmetics that gives quality results there are a lot of websites or blog that features them, you can research online. Here are some links for you:

Temptalia.com Dupe List

Project Vanity: Splurge Vs. Save

Makeupdupes: Makeupdupes

photo grabbed from http://makeupdupes.tumblr.com

Remember, affordability depends on the price a buyer is willing to pay to purchase a product. So it really depends on the end user to determine if a product is actually affordable in her range.

I hope you find a brand that works for you, or better yet do not stick to  just one brand you are free to try and explore the makeup wonderland. Find a product that suits you and satisfies you.







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