Worst nightmare!

If you are a reader of my blog myenvelopedideas you probably have came across my entry oh my satchel dreams it was all about satchels, I was able to score a 11′ navy blue Cambridge satchel for a discounted price from a friend and ever since I am so in love with it. Until now actually. I used it once every month or at times I skipped. I love it too much I don’t want it to get old or worn out.

A few days ago, I got it from my bag storage box, put it out of another bag when I saw numerous small almost round white dust all over it. Imagine my horror!! I immediately got a tissue to wipe the dirt and it disappear BUT each and every small round dirt left a mark on my leather satchel! I freaked out!!!! I don’t know what to do. Please Please help me!!!



Honestly, I don’t have any money to splurge for the repair or restore or whatever you call it so If you have any cheap alternatives please share! I am no rich kid and this Cambridge satchel is my most expensive bag (which I bought using my own money) I hope there is a solution to this problem. I am looking forward to it. 😦 for now, I don wanna waste my energy feeling sorry for my satchel, gotta find  the remedy.



2 thoughts on “Worst nightmare!

  1. That’s probably mold… A few of my purses got hit by the same thing. It might help to air dry your satchel. Also put it out under the sun just to get rid of the moisture. You can also put little desiccant packets in your storage box to help absorb moisture when you’re not using your bags. Good luck!

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