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The only thing a guy should want to change about her girl is her surname.. and soon i'll be having mine changed. :)

Ive been missing in action for over a month and I am deeply sorry for that, The past month was a roller coaster ride. There were highs and lows but i got through it anyway (thank you God!)

So to give you a sneak peak on whats going on I…

  • enrolled (FINALLY!) and graduated from makeup school the past month
  • survived a week in the hospital (my son got sick)
  • (insert stress from office here)

I will elaborate more on the first one in the coming days.

as for now, Im still worried cos my son still has colds but tom we are off to see the doctor.

It’s so good to blog even this short.

i hope you stay with me, more interesting post are coming your way.



Good vibes!

I’ve always been a wishful thinking kind of girl. Hence my blog header. I never stop wishing and believing. I’m always hopeful and positive on things that i want. But you cant just wish all your life and do nothing about it.

hence, “and making things happen one step at a time.” 

I don’t always get what i wished for, that’s one of the realities of life. I always make it a point to be happy on whatever i have be it on material things or not. As i grow up I learned to work hard to get what i want, at least those that i really can afford.

what I’m trying to say is that…


Make it a point to do something so that your wish will eventually come true. You don’t want to wait for forever right?

If you want to find your true love, go on take a risk.

If you want to be rich, work hard and save!

Kung gusto mong manalo sa lotto, tumaya ka muna…

Do your part and make things happen for yourself.

I’m feeling positive and I want to share the positivity to all of you.

May all your wishes come true!


Been busy with a lot of things lately and I am so excited for another breakthrough in my life. I will let you know as soon as everything is okay! as for now. something is really keeping me busy and occupied. for now let me show you what my sister from sg gave me.


I posted this in my instagram account (rmiba) yesterday. It’s a 180 eyeshadow palette. this is the biggest palette that i own. So many colors to play with! I am ever so excited and looking forward to come up with different looks using this palette.

til my next post!


Lava love.

This is a late post for my makeup monday.


I am most comfortable with red lipstick and if i wasnt married i wouldve tied the knot with my NYX monte carlo. It is my favorite lippie because it best accentuates my full lips.  I feel powerful, confident and sexy whenever i go for red!

Matte is my comfort zone and i am not really a fan of glossy or satin finish when it comes to my lips.

This avon lava love is definitely a big step for me,. I am now ready to wear lippies other than matte.


I have thick / full lips, although i wear red than other colors most of the time, i also feel uneasy whenever i wear em because i feel like my full lips are being the center of attention most of the time.

This lava love made me realize that i can step out of my comfort zone and be more experimental with my lippies.


Share with me your thoughts!