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Makeup 101: Blending

Since I am still yet to attend makeup school I’ve been practicing makeup application seriously. I have been working on my eye shadow blending, to be honest I never really cared about blending before I just piled up eye makeup and I wonder why am I not getting it right? 

so that’s one of the reasons.  I watched videos and read a couple of articles, viewed photos for inspiration.

It’s also a good thing that i got this beauty cosmetics blending brush from the Ana V.’s meet and greet (read my entry here).

Thanks to Ana V. for this :)
Thanks to Ana V. for this 🙂

and here are the results of my practice.practice.practice.



I know it’s still amateur looking I’m not trying to be a pro here, but hey! give me a break! I just started! 🙂

and i don’t know how to get a good picture out of it!

Just to share with you my favorite international beauty/makeup guru gossmakeupartist he filmed a tutorial about eye shadow blending, i hope this can help you and view his other videos they’re helpful to us beginners.

How do you put on your eye shadow or your eye makeup? any techniques? comment below and share it with me!



Hooray for the weekend!

My weekends (last week) were oh so special because of two things: One of which is because of my favorite MUA Ana V. 🙂 She had her Birthday meet and greet last Saturday, Feb 23 and since the family was scheduled to go to the mall for my baby’s pictorial (which is the other special event that day) I decided to attend as well and make new friends cos I know for a fact that those who will be going do not know me.

The M&G was fun not only because of new found friends and time well spent, bonding, games, exchanging stories and gossiping on the side. I also personally met other beauty bloggers and makeup gurus:

Joyce Sola (

Bing Castro ( and

Shebby Liquete (

I have come to visit their blogs every once in a while despite of my busy work schedule and I finally met pink fairy in the flesh, Karen Alcantara we’ve been fb friends for quite some time and this is the first time we actually ever had an encounter and I also look up to her because she’s an amazing girl.

At times I think I’m too old for these stuff maybe because I dwell too much on the fact that I have bigger responsibilities because I already have a son, but those who really care never stop reminding me that I can also do what they can!

Ana reminds me of exactly what I wanted my life to be if I haven’t built a family at an early age. That’s why she inspires me to practice my makeup skills and eventually if time and budget will allow, I’m gonna take it to the next level and go study pro.

Right now, I’ll just practice and practice and practice and just build my makeup kit.

Here are some photos from the M&G

karen, joyce, bing, jhelai
group pic 🙂

grabbed from Ana’s fb fan page

new found friends!

grabbed from Ana’s fb fan page.

Birthday girl, Ana V

for more photos visit and like Ana’s Fan page here.


Review: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

I am so obsessed with perfecting my brows because my sister always tease me that I am not good in grooming and shading my brows. Eyebrows frame the face and it gives attention to the eyes. I bought a lot of products that can help me practice grooming my brows, one of which is the famed e.l.f. eyebrow kit.

I got mine from Sm North Edsa, Department store for 249.75

It has 4 shades to choose from, 1. Light 2. Medium 3. Dark 4. Ash I got the medium one.

The kit is consist of a gel and a powder where in you can use the gel to outline the shape of your brows and the powder to fill in your brows. It also comes with a brush and a small mirror for brow-grooming on the go

Blend your brows to perfection! since I am still in the road to a perfect brows I can honestly say that I did good, just good. See for yourself.

What I love about it?

  1. Very sleek you can bring it anywhere with you.
  2. Very classy case.
  3. Affordable 🙂
  4. easy to blend.
  5. Staying power is great!
  6. The mirror is a big plus and very useful.

What I hate about it?

  1. The brush that comes with it is very flimsy.

Will I buy again? Definitely!

I’ll keep you posted on my journey to a perfect brows 🙂

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Natural

This is my very first lipliner, Yes! you read that right! I never really used a lipliner because I can getaway with it, until I started to be more conscious on how my lip products looked like whenever I wear them.

I believe that every girl should have a nude lipliner on her makeup kit, I got this NYX slim lip pencil in natural from The Makeup Store  at the tumblr fair I attended last month (see my entry about the tumblr fair here).

It was the perfect shade for me because my lip color is darker than the usual I really dont know why.


I am so gaga over this lipliner I even wore this everytime I go out without even using a lipstick or lipgloss over it.

What I love about it?

  1. The color is perfect for my lips
  2. I like that it has a matte effect when used alone for the lips
  3. Staying power is excellent, it can last throughout the day for me.
  4. Very Affordable
  5. Opaque and very pigmented
  6. Not drying at all.

What I hate about it?

  1. Honestly, I cant think of anything right now.

Do I recommend it? YES! There are variety of colors in the NYX Slim Lip Pencil Line.

Believe me, You just gotta have one! I am also planning to buy a Red lip liner since I am fond of red lippies.

I’ll keep you posted!

Haul: Cheap finds II

Good day!

The week is ending so I better post this haul because I have no plans of buying more cosmetics before this week ends.


Left: Daiso (Japan) Winmax New york liquid eyeliner in black and eyebrow template, both for only 85 pesos each.

Right: Avon’s Simply pretty line, I got myself a loose powder shaker for P 109 and Mascara for P159.

I actually tried the products and will do a review next week!

I hope you are having a good time! happy weekend!